Apprendre du Nouveau Vocabulaire / Learning New Vocabulary

17/02: Languages

Looking up words in the dictionary is a simple but effective way to learn new vocabulary.








I got called in to replace for a full-time group last week and I noticed that the students were using their dictionary to look up new words during group discussions and noting new vocabulary along with the meaning for future reference which I believe is a great way to pick up and use new vocabulary.

This made me think of my ex-colleague Heather Belbin who had created a very simple yet effective worksheet to motivate students to write down new vocabulary along with the meaning. Feel free to visit her interesting and useful blog for ESL learners by clicking on the link: English at Work

Seeing as imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I am including my own version of Heather’s new vocabulary worksheet to this blog post for beginner and advanced students.

New vocabulary worksheet for beginners

New vocabulary worksheet advanced