Simple Present vs Present Continuous

simple present vs present continuous

In English, there are two forms of the present compared to French which only uses one form of the present.

Below is one example:

Let’s take a look at the two sentences below to try and better understand the difference between both.

1) It snows often during winter. (Simple Present)

2) It is snowing outside! (Present Continuous)

The 1st sentence is a fact whereas the 2nd sentence describes an action which is taking place at the moment of speaking.

In the 2nd sentence, the person speaking is describing what he or she is seeing at the exact moment of speaking.

Test your knowledge of the simple present vs the present continuous!

State whether the following sentences are written in the simple present or in the present continuous tense.

1) He is driving his car.
2) I am talking to Syndia on the phone.
3) I am walking to work.
4) He walks to work everyday.
5) He smokes cigars.
6) He drinks so much coffee.
7) He likes listening to music.
8) She is watching tv.
9) The sun sets every day.
10) Sasha is a good father to his 2 children.

Sentences 4,5,6,7,9 and 10 are in the simple present tense.

Sentences 1,2,3, and 8 are in the present continuous tense.

Find the answers to the following questions:

1) How do we form the simple present tense?

2) How do we form the present continuous tense?

3) What keywords do we use with the simple present?

4) What keywords do we use with the present continuous?